InSight Upholstered
InSight Prime
InSight Prime+

Superior Ergonomics

INSIGHT’s more relaxed seat and back angles with softer contours create a superior ergonomic shape over other seats on the market. But don’t take our word for it. Try us on for size.

Pressure Map Optimized

“Comfort is the absence of discomfort”
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Contour Engineered for Enhanced Comfort

Seeing is Believing!

Wider Seat and Maximized Aisle Clearance

InSight’s frame contour in forward facing seats creates more aisle space while allowing for superior comfort.

Smart Simplicity

INSIGHT-PRIME and  INSIGHT-PRIME+ are the ultimate in smart simplicity. With only three upper components and five bolts for a typical two-pass transverse seat assembly, they are virtually maintenance free.

Integrated Technology

Our latest integrated technology is the INSIGHT rear access USB port that brings the power outlet higher up and centrally located for easy user access with completely hidden wire management.

Inherently Clean

INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT-PRIME+ are the most inherently clean seats on the market due to their unique one-piece module design without any cracks or hollow areas to collect unsanitary gunk.

Lighter Weight

INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT-PRIME+ eliminate the need for added back panels and additional assembly hardware for grab rails and multi-part assemblies like those found on other seats, thus reducing weight.

Rider Preferred

A major North American transit authority conducted a blind customer study with the most popular seats on the market and the INSIGHT family of seating rated far and away the highest in both comfort and aesthetics.
Our past experience with American Seating has been very positive, however, our marketing department wanted to conduct a thorough customer study before our next procurement to ensure we continued to choose the right seating products for our passengers. For the study, we retrofitted one of our newer buses with all of the popular seating offerings from American Seating and its competitors. Five focus groups, each consisting of a dozen people, were seated on a moving bus for two hours at a time. They were asked to evaluate comfort, aesthetics, color, etc. In the end, the most popular seats were American Seating’s INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT (upholstered with vinyl). The study participants considered these seats to have the best ergonomic shape. The products’ seat pitch, preferred by most participants, provided the most stable seat when the vehicle was moving. The participants also felt that the INSIGHT-PRIME seat looked the most contemporary and fit the best with today’s trends. Because of the results of this study, we have chosen the INSIGHT-PRIME as our seating specification for the next five years.